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Children's package

Children's package

Complete Blood Count , Serum Iron Level , TSH , Growth Hormone, Total Calcium , Vitamin D, 25-OH , SGOT ( AST ) SGPT ( ALT ) , Urine Analysis , Stool Analysis ,

Pre-operative package

Pre-operative packag...

CBC , Blood group

Anemia Package

Anemia Package

Complete Blood Count , Ferritin in serum , Iron level

Men's hormones package

Men's hormones packa...

Total testosterone , LH

Winter comprehensive package

Winter comprehensive...

Serum albumin , Uric Acid , Serum creatinine , Total Calcium , Iron level , Cholestrol - Total , Serum Triglycerides , Alkaline Phosphatase , Phosphorus , Ferritin in serum , Chlorid in serum ,...

Medical health Package

Medical health Packa...

Zinc - TSH

Hair loss package

Hair loss package

Zinc , Tsh

Post-operative preparation for bariatric surgery Package

Post-operative prepa...

Iron Level , Vitamin 12

Health package

Health package

Zinc , HBA1C

Electrolytes and Minerals Package

Electrolytes and Min...

Late pregnancy package for women

Late pregnancy packa...

Iron level , prolactin

Women's hormones package

Women's hormones pac...


Blood sugar Package

Blood sugar Package


Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

Non-Invasive Prenata...

Fetus gender,Edward syndrome

Roaccutane Package

Roaccutane Package